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Website Development Portfolio

Responsive Designs

WordPress (Responsive Designs)

Mental Health Association of Central Florida
Trinity United Methodist
Aging Tree
Lane Realty Services
 Seminole Prevention Coalition
 Higher Ground Ministries

E-Commerce Designs

The Magnolia Company  - View Site
The Magnolia Company
Seeds of Life - View Site
Seeds of Life
B & D Supply  - View Site
B & D Supply
Tie Dye Direct - View Site
Tie Dye Direct
Florida's Family Marine  - View Site
Florida's Family Marine 
Edgar Leather  - View Site
Edgar Leather Belts
Florida Cracker Candy- View Site
Florida Cracker Candy
Stayfast Custom Clothing - View Site
Stayfast Custom Clothing
Plexus Incorporated- View Site
Plexus Incorporated
RIPP™ Restraints International, Inc. - View Site
RIPP™ Restraints International, Inc.
The Snood Factory - View Site
The Snood Factory

Older Designs

1876 Heritage Inn  - View Site
1876 Heritage Inn
Hawthorne Hills of DeLand Inc.  - View Site
Hawthorne Hills of DeLand Inc
Long Surveying Inc. - View Site
Long Surveying Inc.
Weddings at 1903 Hontoon - View Site
 Weddings at 1903 Hontoon
Lisa Stone Arts  - View Site
Lisa Stone Arts
Bauer & Associates Attorneys at Law, P.A. - View Site
Bauer & Associates Attorneys at Law, P.A.
Kinder Haus Toys - View Site
Kinder Haus Toys
Pretty Little Things - View Site
Pretty Little Things
The Saloonatix Band - View Site
The Saloonatix Band
The DeLand Stockyard - Not Available
The DeLand Stockyard
Discount Water Supply, Inc. - View Site
Discount Water Supply, Inc.
Brian's BBQ - View Site
Brian's BBQ