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Search Engine Optimization Marketing Campaign Options

We offer many custom pricing plans, but we do have a few that we offer on a regular basis. The first is our standard plan focusing on high-value keywords. The second is our starter package which focusing on medium level keywords - or what is also known as “Low hanging fruit”. The only difference within our plans is the difficulty of the keywords and the time that we are spending on your campaign.

Option #1 – Standard SEO Campaign: Designed to build brand awareness includes a combination of medium and maximum level competitive keywords. Campaign includes: 2 to 3 hours of directories or articles for keyword development. Monthly reports sent to client.

Option #2- Starter SEO Campaign: Designed to be a competitive seo campaign, after initial process of pre website optimization. Campaign includes: 1 hours of directories listing a month, or leader page for keyword development. Monthly reports sent to client.

For more information about our Search Engine Optimization Packages please contact us.